Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's a Boy

Wow, we've had such a run of good weather.... nothing but sun and dry days for the last couple of weeks. Now that all changes, as rain is in the forecast for the next week. Led by Kari (closet pyromaniac) we did some brush clearing and burning on the lot over the last two weekends. This could be never-ending.... except I think we've resolved to claim the first 30 feet or so around the house and driveway and leave the balance of the acreage to the wildlife.

Saturday, there was a community "farewell" event for the retiring fire chief. It was extremely well attended. John had been chief for 21 years and there were many humorous stories to be told by members of the community.

Strawbale house update: We worked all week on the interior beam-work. I'm somewhat bias, but I think it's going to look spectacular. I'm determined not to post pictures until it's done. (another couple of weeks, as my post and beam expert has taken a brief vacation).

Our oldest cat, Tig, died a couple of months ago. Boo, who had a love-hate relationship with Tig has been very demanding of us ever since. So we began "talking" about getting another kitten. On her way home from work last week, Kari dropped into the local animal rescue center and of course was chosen by a little grey kitten. "Taz" fits his name. he's four months old and weighs about a pound. (About 1/6th of the sumo, Boo). That has not stopped Taz from letting everyone know who's in charge. This includes Sienna (our Auzzie Shepard) who gives Taz a wide berth.

Am I the only one that thinks the "bailouts" on both sides of the border are simply a bolstering of a system that is flawed? As we quickly deplete our world's resources, our government(s) spend billions (or trillions) to prop up our bad spending habits.... My apologies to my future grandchildren.
I thought I knew where money came from.... I was wrong!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"V" Day

Those that frequent this blog are likely waiting for a rant. No, I haven't gone soft....As soon as I can word things civilly, the rants shall continue.... there's not shortage of stupidity, is there?

I read recently that Valentines day is THE most stressful day of the year for men. Followed closely by anniversaries and her birthday. Yes, men are romantically challenged by nature.... it's not our fault. I say, an evening at the Fanny Bay Inn (our local biker bar) can be romantic! Anyway, I dodged a bullet, mostly (I think) because of the low expectations.

Straw Bale House Update: The shop is ankle deep in sawdust and shavings. My friend Charlie, (post + beam builder extraordinaire) has been helping me for the past few weeks to get the last of the beam-work ready to go up. The entry hall is framed by two beams that run most of the length of the house... about 34 feet. Between those two beams are 10 cross beams.... all which have to fit like rungs in a ladder. The cross beams have been shaped with a slight upward curve on the bottom, giving the effect of ships ribs as you enter the house. (beam sawing thanks to another friend with a well equipped shop) The pictures show the "rails" into which the curved crossbeams will be fitted. If it sounds complicated.... it is. Although the weather has remained rather chilly, I can get the shop warm enough to stain the beams before they go up. The support posts that have been installed lately have been stained in place during the warmest part of the day.... with fingers crossed that the stain will not fail.
I found a great buy on some pine T+G for the ceiling, so I bought, and had delivered 6500 lineal feet.... enough to do the house ceiling, the soffits and the loft ceiling in the garage. (can be seen in the picture stacked in the garage with curved beams on top).