Monday, July 28, 2008

Field Trip

After a short blogging hiatus...
Several years ago, my son Curtis went on a youth outdoor wilderness adventure in Strathcona Park. Ever since he has threatened me with revisiting (via canoe trip) Buttle Lake. We made a commitment this spring for a late July trip... (seemed like a good idea at the time). The plan was, that he'd come up early in the week to help with (building) the house. Friday,
we left early for the park and had the canoe in the water by 10:30 (a.m.) Even though he'd told me that the lake could be rough and windy, it was dead flat and calm when we arrived. This turned out to be a good thing, as once we'd loaded the canoe with all the "necessities" (which weigh a lot when unconsumed) we had only a few inches of free-board. The lake is long and narrow. Our destination was a marine campground about a third of the way down the lake = 1.5 hours of paddling. We paddled up Wolf River for a few hundred yards and set up camp in the deserted 5 spot campsite. We spent our time hiking (uphill both ways) and exploring the area. Saturday we let the breeze push us down the lake for an hour or so.... then a very strong wind came up and we had to fight the wind and waves all the way back. (Curt had several waves land in his lap) Lesson learned= take the back seat of the canoe when paddling through big waves! Not much to report on the wildlife side... No sign of bears, only an angry beaver and lots of mice. We arrived home sore and exhausted on Sunday afternoon, and decided this should be a bi-annual event. Several pictures of our off-island adventures can be found here.

Straw Bale House Update: Depending on manpower, our time is split between garage and house. We have all the flashing materials on hand and have figured out how things go together, (for the most part.) The Garage fascias, soffits and windows installations have all been started.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mad Money?

If you grew up in the 50's or early 60's like me.... and came from a small town anywhere, you'll laugh out loud when you read this book.

By now BC'ers have received their $100 carbon tax cheque in the mail. Firstly, I have to wonder what the administration costs were to generate all those cheques. Next, I wonder why the credit wasn't just added to a tax system already in place, (eg: income tax). Next I wonder if it was required at all, since it will be quickly taken back by the new Provincial carbon gas tax. So, what to do with my $100... it's intended to go toward some eco-friendly merchandise you know.... I can't buy cfl's because we've already converted... bicycle, shoes, low flush toilet, low flow shower head....all good options, but have those too. In the end, I decided to open a KIVA account and loan the money to those who could use it most whilst I think of the perfect purchase. After all, I don't get $100 every day you know. I trust most people will use it for a single tank of gas.

Wildlife update:
(When does 2-1=3) Shooting one cougar doesn't necessarily mean that there are no others... The latest cougar siting was of a mom and two cubs... which means she was either pregnant when she arrived or hooked up with the big Tom that was shot here back in May.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Rockin' the boat

Friday was the "Rock the Boat" ferry fare demonstration... this is the Chek TV coverage at Buckley Bay. There were also protests all along the coast by island dwellers getting the ferry fare shaft, (propeller attached).

Sienna is currently sporting a new summer hair-do, (compliments of Kari). She looks so much slimmer that I'm considering the same for myself. The Island lakes are now very warm and have been popular during the hot weather over the last couple of weeks. I've also heard that the ocean swimming has been great, but personally, I haven't indulged yet.

Straw Bale House Update: Friday, the torchers arrived, (a few days late) to cover the curved dormer portion of the roof. Now we can complete the metal portion and begin the ridge cap and drip flashing. The chimney still hasn't been addressed, but I'll get to that next week.