Tuesday, June 16, 2009

say what?

Kari & I have what's called a "blended family" with 6 kids between us. At some point in time, each and every one of them asks the dreaded question. "Have you smoked pot?"  What flashes through your mind over the milliseconds that follow, ranges from complete stone face denial... to a bad impression of Elmer Fudd... abbada-abbada umm.

I can't remember the last time I smoked pot. That may be because I smoked enough to
 destroy any semblance of a long term memory. Does admission of the deed condone the use to your children? And if so, is it any more (or less) of an event as their first drink?  
My wife has never smoked anything.... ever.  To her, my voiced opinion that underage drinking is the same as underage pot smoking is met with furrowed brow.  I think both should be avoided until there's some evidence present within a brain that they can make an intelligent decision. Teenagers in general fall into the category of questionable decision making... along with most adults (+ something I'm still struggling with).  

The one straggler still at home recently insisted on asking some pointed questions on this matter. "It'll effect your long term memory", I say. "You don't want to turn out like me do ya...?"  By the time I get downstairs, I've forgotten what I went for.... surely it was the (effects of) pot.  

Where else to turn for unbiased information, but  the Internet? OK, so google "marijuana memory loss"..... this looks interesting " Could Marijuana Substance Help Prevent Or Delay Memory Impairment In The Aging Brain?  ".Huh?  Not what I expected. What's my excuse now?
"Why isn't it legal like beer and wine?" she asks. "I heard that California is going to pay off all their debt by legalizing pot and taxing it."
"I dunno" I say. A little investigation turns up a home grown (no pun intended) documentary, The Union. It proved to be informative viewing for the whole family and answers all the questions, like why isn't it legal. 

Oh Deer!

I met up with this little guy on the road to the (new) house. As soon as I drove close, the mother made a dash for the bushes and this guy quickly lay down, spread-eagle on the road. After a few moments, he timidly got up and gained his wobbly balance. A few days old at best, he didn't have the ability or instinct to run away and posed nicely for the camera. (yes, mom came back for him)

straw bale house update: The weather has been spectacular to say the least. Often reaching the mid 30's by early afternoon. We've switched to an earlier start to the day in an attempt to escape the late afternoon heat. There's just a few final touches in preparation to baling. The soffits are nearly completed, with just the dormer portion to go. I devised a continuous venting system....(mostly stolen from a design I saw on the Denman Island Home & Garden Tour... see video below) The electrical is about 1/2 done. All the switch and receptacle boxes in the straw walls must be placed as the courses go up. The electrical inspector seems to OK with the wires being buried prior to inspection.... I did get busted for having the wrong speaker wire though.... who knew speaker wire is covered in the electrical code?

The good weather along with some smoke (from a forest fire on the mainland) has made for some nice sunsets. We're looking forward to sitting on the deck with this view.... minus the scraggly trees (which I shall call "standing firewood"for now).