Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Went to Demxx on the weekend to pick-up a door for our pantry... it's part of the old door from the Fanny Bay Inn. It seemed only fitting to stop there on the way back and have a pint. Kind of a reunion of sorts. Afterwards, we stopped to see the sea lions, (which we can hear from our house). They arrive well before the herring spawn and leave well after.... and make their presence known to everyone within several miles.

The new kitten, Taz, has fit in exceptionally well. He and Boo are now fast friends. Boo has shown him all the best places to hide and hunt. Here in this picture Taz gives Boo a "high five", or however many fingers cats have.

Strawbale House Update: The trench is in, the meter box has been mounted, the panel is installed.... now we wait for BC Hydro to come and hook us up. After a year and a half of construction, we shall soon have construction power. Most of the wiring for the house will run either in a wiring chase or within the bale walls, like where a switch box would be. The other wiring, for overhead lights, is beginning to be pulled. Permits for the construction power and workshop will be done by the local electrician. I'll be attempting the house wiring myself.... with as much advice as I can scrounge.

We've been back to a three-man crew for the last couple of weeks. All the interior beamwork is complete! A huge undertaking. Now the rest of the back-framing can continue. The only beamwork left is the front entrance, (exterior). All of the cedar components were stained last fall and are ready to go. Now to find a way to cut the ten inch square posts... Nice to have friends with big construction tools.