Thursday, October 08, 2009

Getting Plastered

The unbelievably warm weather prompted us to venture to the mainland to test drive a few horses. Tara and Clay at Hayburner Haven provided their expertise in how to pick out a horse. We learned that the most important attributes in a horse are: a) it must be able to go. and b) it must be able to stop. (We looked at a few horses that were challenged in one or more of these requirements.) In the end, it was agreed that we must continue our equine education before committing to horsey ownership.

The island is abuzz with firewood cutting chainsaw noises and the cats are growing a thick furry coat.... all signs point to a cold winter. Boo Radley is beginning to think twice before pulling those all-nighters as the night time cooling is now in the 5-6c degree range.

Strawbale House Update: This week we built bins out of bales and plastic to store the mixed lime plaster. It can (and should) be mixed ahead of time and will store indefinitely under the right conditions. Mixing day was Tuesday and we mixed all day. We began the "scratch coat" on Wednesday. It's going quite well. As the learning curve progresses we're getting better and faster.