Wednesday, September 27, 2006


A new feature starting today will be a retro pic. Today's is not so old (2003) but does bring back a memory of times on Long Beach. As a new chapter begins for Sue & Bill it's timely to dedicate some space to good times on the wet coast.

We see here Jean Chretien and Howdy-Doody at the BBQ, (I'm sure it was salmon that night.)

Back on Denman.... I planted the back 1/4 acre with Fall Rye and it has taken off... everything is green and growing like crazy. Fall Rye, (we are told by locals) will improve the soil quality dramatically and may allow us to actually plant a lawn, (if we want one). (sounds like work to me) Speaking of work... I've used some of this beautiful 24 degree weather to chop a whack of kindling for the winter. The weather has been so warm, we are still sleeping with the window wide open.

Wildlife update.... The Denman Cougar is still at large. We take Sienna with us when we go for walks, (as protection...not bait). It has been here since May and has proven itself in outsmarting all attempts to dart it by wildlife officers. This week, while looking at some acreage, Kari & I saw the elusive Denman "Alligator Lizard". It stayed still long enough to take a picture, but somebody forgot to bring the camera. The sea lions have returned and a faint barking can be heard ALL NIGHT. They are on the other side of Baynes Sound and I wonder how people sleep that are much closer to them than us.

Not so wild, but weird... this is Norman. Enlarge the picture and note that his ears are on the side of his head instead of the top, and his whiskers are curly. Rat's whiskers are used to navigate in the dark... something tells me he bumps into things at night. He is quite sweet and good natured although not quite as adventurous as Sparks (his room-mate). Both are graduating from the timid stage and tear around the room like crazy. Rats, unlike other vermin pets (gerbils, hamsters, mice etc) are very social and have no desire to run away. They don't poop outside of the cage and are extremely entertaining. As you may have guessed, the cat is no threat.... Sienna however, I'm not so sure about.

At the time of writing Clay is back in the hospital. I leave for Vancouver tomorrow (yes, back in court. I'll report on that more when there is no security breach) I think I'll stay with him till he's feeling better. If you want to wish him well, leave a message on his cell as he has no phone service in the hospital. Call me (or Kari) if you need the number.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

How insignificant are you?

It's Raining

Finally, significant rain and some relief to the fire threat. It's gray and stormy here... talked to Sue this a.m. and their power was out and it was blowing there. Tomorrow they have (potentially) the last b&b guests ever! It's the end or an era indeed. It must be sooo sweet not to think about catering to someone else.

We went to the Hornby Fall Fair yesterday. The weather was pretty good, but there was an on-shore wind that kept it a little chilly. It was very well attended, as the farmer's field which served as a parking lot was near capacity. There was lots of home-grown entertainment as well as home-grown veggies etc. Prizes were handed out for the biggest of everything... pumpkins, pies, crafts etc. What a Fall Fair should be... a celebration of the harvest.

Here's some pictures that capture the flavour of the Hornby Fall Fair. (Click on Pics to enlarge)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Terminally Ill

There is some controversy here in Denmanistan about the new Ferry Terminal in Buckley Bay. I must admit there are some memories of gulf island ferry docks from my childhood, so I do empathize. Those towering creosote soaked poles supporting the massive cement couter-wieghts, the wheels, the pulleys, the huge timber walls that cradled the blue and white, rusted, rag-tagged gulf island ferry fleet, the little white sign proudly stating Galiano or Saltspring or Denman Island… they are the signature of the gulf islands. Now to replaced by a sleek, trim, low profile, gray, hydraulic ramp….I mean really!!
I offer you these pictures… you be the judge… which says “Gulf Island” to you?

Here’s a couple of more pictures that I took on one of my few days off in August. Kari, Ashley, Sienna and I, all piled into the canoe and headed south. Determined to paddle to Chrome Island, we stroked for 45 minutes and the island was further away than when we started. The lunch, that was destined to be consumed on Chrome Island, was only to make it half way there. We did come upon these growling, burping creatures and a couple followed us for a while. Sienna did not know what to make of them.

Fawcett Pics

Here’s a couple of pics of the Cedar house including a fantastic sunrise over the ocean and Mudge Island.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

turning off fawcett

It's hard to believe that the work is coming to an end. Wow, it's been almost a month since I've had enough time to actually write something... This may be my last night camping out in Cedar. It's very strange working by yourself day after day with little contact and limited home-visits. It certainly gives you lots of time to think... There should be plenty of amunition for future postings.
Most of all I'm looking forward to spending time with Kari as we have had only an evening at a time to catch up on what going on with each other and in the world in general.
I will definately be taking a few weeks off before resuming the building of my pillars (contacts) and sniffing around for the next deal. I hope that this house in Cedar will be profitable... but even if it isn't, it was a tremendous learning experience and I loved every minute. There are some absolute musts for the next location...1) It must be closer to home. 2) it must have cellular service.
I do believe the old saying,"you make the most money the day you buy it". In other words, every penny counts when negotiating the "deal". I hope to become good at negotiating deals to my best advantage... and learn how to walk from opportunities that are not the best deals.
As far as this house goes... I could spend another month here, (quite easily) trying to make it perfect. The better it looks, the more I find myself wanting to do. The main floor looks quite spectacular, but makes the lower level look quite shabby. ( I will be posting pics when I get a chance, but this connection won't allow large file transfers.) We may have already put too much into this house.... and it was certainly not a "flip" as we added a lot of value.

On another note.... Yes it is only 6 weeks until the big-guy turn 50. SOOO.... lets get our shit together and plan something... Denman/Ukee/// I don't care, but there will never be a better occasion My B-day, Sue's, Clay's .... C'mon people.... AND this time I don't expect to be the only one partying!!!


ps. if this post uploads...It'll be a miracle and a first (and last) from Cedar.