Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The end of Summer nears

Ah, Labour Day weekend... after which, things can return to normal on a gulf island. On Hornby Island, there is an annual event called the "wave-off" in which the residents say goodbye to the last of the beloved tourists, who then can drive like mad across Denman Island (known as the "Hornby 500") only to line up yet again, for the Denman West Ferry. As the summer sun has inadvertently fried all brain activity, the tourist parade then lines up for the ferry in the middle of the road, effectively blocking anyone else that may endeavour to travel to or from the village. Apparently tourists have some natural aversion to pulling over to the shoulder of the road.

Labour day is also the traditional day for the Denman Island Blackberry Faire. The weather Gods were with us this year, sunny and in the high teens. My role was unofficial Parade Photographer and Burger flipper at the Fire fighters burger booth. More parade shots can be seen on the Island Equine site, or my Denman Island Picasa-web photo album. (Yes, that's Kari and Mikki in their first parade)
The Firefighters held their own during the annual slow-pitch game... squeaking out a narrow victory.

Blitzed down to Victoria to see #2 son perform during the Victoria Theatre Fringe Festival. The show was a Canadiana piece called "Thank you my Love, Goodbye". The cast was great! Some highlights from the Times Colonists 4-1/2 star review.... "If Thank-you were a Hollywood drama, it would be Academy Award-worthy.... the cast's acting abilities are brilliant. The chemistry between Robbie (Curt) and Mary is perfectly captured, their dialogue sharp and delivered with sentiment."

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