Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lindero CR

No time to blog in the last week as most of my spare time has been spent shoveling horse shit. Last weekend, Lindero CR arrived at his new home on Denman Island. From the moment he stepped off the trailer, he began stealing hearts. Once you get past his good looks, (a difficult task), his people friendly personality wins you over. I can tell he's going to be an amazing companion.
After a three day rest, it was time for a short ride and an introduction to some of the other island residents. He's met other horses, cows, dogs and horse eating pigs. His initial caution soon falters and curiosity gets the best of him and he just has to investigate.

Today, we went on our first trail ride with Kari and Mikolas. With (his older step-brother) Mikolas taking the lead, Lindero did very well on the narrow forest trail, (a very scary place for a young horse). Once out on the dirt road, it's gait,gait gait... he has an amazing amount of energy and never breaks gait.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous boy! I hope to ride with him soon!